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Event management can be complicated if not time consuming. Countless venues, endless table favours and don’t even get us started on the themes you could adopt. At Deizi Events, we take these mind explosive ideas, and give you more than what your requirements ask of us. Our familiarity and experience provides seamless, and easy management of your very special day, taking those endless decisions away from your already busy schedules.

Our corporate knowledge and event planning expertise, allows us to choose the perfect venue, within your budget and create an event that is both memorable and cost saving. Whether it is an award ceremony, a corporate anniversary, company product launch or a conference, we are here to help you every step of the way. Deizi events is the event management that can carry away your stresses and give you an event you won’t forget!


A special day you will never forget! Happy Anniversary!

What better way of celebrating such an event then with a party? At Deizi Events we want to boost your ideas and mark your occasion with more than a bang. Our Anniversary events are more than a party, they reunite couples, taking them back to the first day they fell in love.

Let us help you, in any way that we can, taking your choices and options to another level. You’re only limitations? Your imagination!!


Weddings can be memorable for lots of different reasons. From the venue you choose, to those little table favours you love; from flower selections to awkward seating arrangements. The list is endless. Copious amounts of options and possibilities but where do you start first?

At Deizi Events, we have created the perfect packages catered to your individualistic needs. Created from years of experience and industry knowledge, we have tailored our packages to suit your requirements in designated time frames. Take a look through our packages and let us help you, make that day extra special.


DEIZI PACKAGE: How we rescue Brides from becoming Bridezilla’s!

If your life is already functioning at maximum capacity and you now find yourself needing to plan the biggest day of your life, then it is easy to understand why ‘getting married’, is one of life’s top 10 biggest stressors. Your wedding day does not need to be stressful or hair pulling. Instead let us help you make it the day you’ve always dreamed about. We are here to offer you full support with all your needs providing wedding management and planning services in time frames of your deciding.

Working closely with you and your needs, we ensure that all communication is consistent and at a pace that fits into your day to day life. We take your ideas and we do all that leg work, which can become tiresome and exhaustive. From resourcing suppliers, pricing venues and décor to managing the logistics of the big day, Deizi Events ensure that you get everything you want and more.

We give you:

  • A stress free run-up to the big day
  • Time to focus on other aspects of the wedding
  • One to one communication
  • ‘Bridezilla’ avoidance!

Your wedding is a very special day. Let us take away the stress and make it one of the most memorable and long lasting events in your life.



Getting married and have no idea what to do first? Don’t worry, help is at hand! No longer do you need to clone yourself for every little job that needs doing. Instead our Rose Package takes all those decisions and wraps it into a bundle which we manage and action on your behalf!

For many, it is the very first time that they have ever had to manage and organise an event of such a considerable size and even if you are a seasoned expert at planning events, there is nothing more useful than a second pair of trusted hands, on-call, to help get things done up to your high standards and attention to detail.

This popular package is there to help those, who have already started out on their own wedding planning path, and for one reason or another, need that extra help with the task.

Let us be the hands that guide you!



You are a wedding day pro and you know exactly what you want and when you need it by!

That is when we step in and literally, save the day! Our Lilly Package was created to help our client’s with final details and preparations (and fix what’s gone wrong).

These are just a few insights of how we can help:

  • We are happy to follow through a final on-site venue visit
  • We will confirm and secure every supplier, two weeks before the event
  • Manage and rectify any last minute problems
  • Be present on the big day to coordinate the event

We make sure that all your weeks and months of hard work pays off and brings together an event that is not only memorable and long lasting but is the euphoric explosion you always dreamed of. It’s time to relax and finally enjoy the day you always imagined.

Networking Events

Come and say hello!

If you are considering hiring an extra pair of hands to help manage an up and coming event, then why not pop along and introduce yourself in person. You will find Deizi Events at most wedding fairs and networking events in and around Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. So check here for more details of where we are next and we hope to meet you there!

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